Oh Lawdy – it’s been a bit. With that said, here’s a shot at what my life looks like, currently:


Currently Reading: I’m going back and forth between “The 19th Wife” by David Ebershoff (Whoa, roller coaster of emotions) and “A Thousand Acres” by Jane Smiley — both of which, at this point, I highly recommend.

Currently Listening: Technically I’m listening to “The 19th Wife” — via Overdrive & my local library. Have you heard of Overdrive… because if not, look into it RIGHT NOW. Free audio books directly on my phone? Yes, please.

Currently Indulgence: It’s my birthday this weekend and I’ve had a very real craving for Funfetti cake (which I haven’t had in years).  I might also have some ice cream cake at some point… probably, certainly, definitely.

Current Nail Color: None — my sister-in-law and I invested in a gel nail system which has been fun, but I’ve let my nails “air out” for the last month or so!

Current Drink: Mostly water and green tea with jasmine. I’ve been addicted to this green tea, specifically, and could drink unlimited cups.

Current Food: We had stir-fry for dinner. Brown rice, bok choy, bell pepper, onions, steak + sauce for dinner. My impromptu, throw it together, meals have been top-notch lately.

Current Favorite TV Show: It seems like Christian and I go through phases with shows. We started the summer out binge watching New Girl and now we’ve killed three seasons of Fringe (we just started season four and I’m already sad knowing that it ends after season 5).

Current Wish List: New shoes. I’ve worn the same style of nude, Steve Madden flats (these, actually) for the past two years. I’ve gone through 4 pairs because I wear them everyday. I’m thinking that I probably need to mix it up, but sticking with my tried and true pair just seems easier. (Plus, they go with everything — or at least I think they go with everything.)

Current Needs: More time — isn’t this what everyone says? Working out, prepping meals, writing, cleaning the house, walking the dogs, spending time with Christian, spending time with family and friends, trying to make our house (with ugly blue carpet) a home… you get the picture. It’s busy and I could use a couple more hours a day.

Current Thoughts: That this has been a pretty crappy summer — which I might go into a later date. Due to a semi-crappy June and completely awful July, I feel like 2/3’s of the summer have just slipped through my fingers and I can feel the frigid temperatures from the season that shall not be mentioned inching their way closer to reality. Does that sound dramatic? It feels dramatic, but also true.

Currently Anticipating: Crossfit. I’ve been going pretty religiously, three times a week, since February (whoop, whoop – 6 month mark). On the days I go, I either dread or excitedly await the 5:30 start time. On the days I don’t go, I sort of (sickly) wish I did or could. Also, we’re having a birthday WOD tomorrow… I have no idea what’s in store (just praying, hoping, pleading that there aren’t any double unders).

Current Blessing: That we have a home. We moved in July 4 – which was one of the most supremely miserable weeks of my entire life, thus far. I was hoping that moving into our new home would be fun and exciting, instead it was draining, stressful and couldn’t have happened at a rougher time.

Current Bummer: That summer is going so quickly — whaaaa. <—- for the record, that’s my crying big, pathetic tears of sadness for the quick passing of my favorite time of year.

Current Outfit: Nothing attractive. A black running skort, pink sports bra and forest green ribbed tank top. Bare feet. A fashionista, this summer, I am not.

That’s it — I can’t say that I’m pulling out all the exciting stops or doing anything CRAZY. Frankly, I’m taking it day-by-day knowing that things will eventually get better.

Let’s chat, over a cup of tea.

Things have been changing in casa de Stecker and we’ve been busy bees the past couple months.

So, I thought, instead of keeping all this business to myself,  I’d rather make myself a cup of tea (you should make yourself one too), curl up on the couch with a blanket (because it actually snowed – A LOT – here this week) and have a little girl to girl chat.

On The House:

We worked our tails off this past year to get our house just where we want it (beautiful backyard, new granite counters, painted cabinets, fresh paint (almost everywhere), newly tiled bathrooms, new vanities, new hardwood floors/stairs….. the list could go on). And then, about a two months ago, we decided to sell. The housing market in south Denver is really hot right now (I’m talking really hot) and we would be able to get much more than we bought it for. I’ve never loved our house and even though we’d put hours upon hours (and lots of $$$) into this little abode, it felt right to try to find a place that truly felt like home.

We listed it on a Friday, had 40 showings in 36 hours, received 8 offers and after 7 hours sitting at a table evaluating all the options, we went with one that was significantly over the asking price with no closing costs, no contingencies and they even agreed to pay the difference if the appraisal came in under the purchase price. Talk about a dream scenario, right?

It all closed 3 weeks ago and we still don’t have a new place to land, which means we’re living with parents. The benefits are pretty great — dinner at night, no yard work and always having someone to watch movies with. Turns out that it is weird to not have all your stuff and to feel a bit like you’re on vacation – or a guest – all the time.

We’re extremely thankful that we have family to stay with and are doing just about everything, including crossing fingers, praying, and non-stop refreshing the search screen in hopes that we’ll find our new home soon.


The last week of April/First Week of May we went to Boston and Newport, Rhode Island for a wedding. I’d never been before and the overall verdict (and probably predictable answer from me) is that they have delicious food. I mean, really, what were you expecting me to say? Lobster rolls, clam chowder, entire Italian neighborhoods, restaurants dedicated to chocolate alone — must a say more? I’m gaining weight just thinking about it.

If the food was the highlight (which it was) then I’d have to say that the weather was the overall bummer. I was wearing 4 layers and was still fighting to stay warm — hello humid, windy, frigid weather. I’d say that Boston was about a month behind Denver as far as their “spring” was concerned and I’m now in desperate need of a HOT, beach vacation.

In Boston we toured Fenway, walked the freedom trail (and stopped for a tour of the bell tower and, get this, the crypt of the Old North Church), completed the fastest ever run through tour of Harvard, meandered through Beacon Hill and spent the rest of the time just taking it all in. And, eating. Ahem.

In Rhode Island we toured 5 of the BIG, BIG, BIG summer cottages (re: built by the Vanderbilts and other high society folks before there was income or property tax) — one of them was 138,000 square feet. Think about that for a minute. I’ll wait.

We, also, did a tour of “servant life” which made my Downton Abbey loving soul so happy. Our tour guide was up on the Downton Abbey lingo & characters which made the tour even more fun — highly recommended.

At the end of the trip we attended the wedding we went out there for, it was beautiful (albeit cold) and we were so glad we got to be there!

Queen Bed: 

As I mentioned above, we’re living with parents (currently Christian’s parents). In our home, we have a King Bed. We’re both 6′ and over, which means we (and by we I mean “I”) prefer to have more room to thrash around in attempts at falling asleep.

When we moved in with the parentals, we shifted to a Queen size. It’s been an adjustment and I’m proud to announce that I’ve only hit Christian in the face one. He may or may not complain that I leave him only six inches of room, but I say that without proof he doesn’t have a case.


I hesitate to even talk about this. Because, you see, I’ve been trying to slow down time… and the very mention of the word summer might speed things up to a pace that it will pass and I won’t even have had time to enjoy it. KnowwhatImean?

Warm spring days/Summer/Warm fall days are my favorite and I’m doing my very best to savor each and every second… I might even have to make a summer bucket list to make sure that I cross of all the “must-do” items for the next three months? Anything in particular I should add to the hypothetical list?

Sigh, tell me that I’m not the only one willing pool days, sun tea and flip-flops to linger as long as possible this year.

What’s going on with you these days? What would you tell me over a cup of tea?

So, It’s been a while.

Cough, it’s been a while. For real.

I started the year out posting regularly and then right after that last post on PCOS I just stopped caring. Which, for the record, isn’t the norm around here. Usually there’s at least some level of guilt associated with not posting (right up with “things I should be doing, but am not”). But, not this time… no guilt, not even a real sense of freedom.

Maybe it’s because I’m dealing with some things that I’d rather let play out on a private stage before releasing them to the never-ending time capsule that is the internet? Maybe it’s the stress of moving, selling a house and finding ourselves living with our parents because the real estate market in Colorado is IN-FREAKING-SANE at best. (Also, living with parents has some serious perks). Maybe.

Either way, it’s a new thing for me. This waning urge to spatter my thoughts out on a blank canvas read by strangers (and non-strangers). I don’t know where that puts me, if it leaves me here or somewhere else entirely.

If you do still stop by on occasion, I’m here. I just don’t know what I’m doing. (Which, really, do I ever?)


PCOS: An Update.

*[Word to the wise, there will be a lot of talk about periods, ovaries and other such things - feel free to skip this if that isn't your cup of tea.]

I’ve had it on my mind to write an update on this whole PCOS thing for months now. Each time I sit down to write about where I’m at, what I’m feeling, what I know and where I’m going… I just clam up. I don’t know how to adequately put it all into words – the ups that make me feel like this is all just pretend, a flash in the pan – the downs that leave me swirling, scared and anxious.

In case you missed the first post on my diagnosis, you can read it here

When I left off last August, my main goal was to try and work on treating the PCOS naturally. Now, when I said “treating it” I meant more specifically that I would be working to balance my hormones enough to have children in the not so distant future. There are, of course, the long-term repercussions of this illness that I should probably be working towards as well.

Side note: what do you call it? An illness, a disorder, a sickness, a problem? I don’t even know.

This past fall, I started working out (sporadically) and really tried to clean up my eating. I’d go in spurts of extreme strictness to barreling toward a gluten-filled cheesy pizza at warp speed. The bottom line is that I wasn’t consistent. For every salad I’d pile high with chopped veggies, I’d snarf through a piece of rum cake. It wasn’t pretty.

Initially, I set a deadline of Jan. 1. If things weren’t moving in the direction I wanted (re: weight loss, resumed period etc.) then I would look at going on Metformin after meeting with my doctor. As January 1 neared, I realized that the month of Christmas cookies wasn’t doing me any favors and I decided to push back my “deadline” to January 31. I hopped on the Whole 30 train and busted my butt to eat cleaner than I ever had for 30 days. I succeeded and ended up losing 12 lbs.


On the period front…

I had my first, natural period right after Thanksgiving. This was a BIG WIN and as much as it sucked, I felt lucky that things seemed to be getting back to normal. Then December came and right along with it came the absence of my period which felt like a BIG FAIL and a reminder that things weren’t really headed in the right direction.

As I rounded the end of the Whole 30 challenge, I got my second natural period in a little over a year — January 22, to be specific. But, here we are in March with nary another visit from Aunt Flo — so I’m not sure where that leaves me.


At the end of January, I scheduled an appointment with my lady doctor and went in fully intending to start Metformin the next day. They had prescribed it to me in August and I figured that they would just continue with the current plan, even though we were starting 6 months later. I can’t tell you the number of nights I laid in bed researching Metformin, the results I could expect, other people’s stories… instead of sleeping, I devoured any and all information that would give me hope that Metformin was the solution.

That’s why I was surprised to hear from my doctor that they had changed the protocols for fertility with PCOS to skip completely over Metformin. All of the build up, anticipation and hopeful certainty — gone. In it’s place Clomid and a discussion on what that means for my chance at having multiples. Say what? The odds are 7% for twins and less than 1% for triplets and more. God help us all if that happens — my Mom (or Christian’s parents) will most certainly have to move in to help me maintain my sanity.

My instructions, leaving the office, that day were this:

1.) Make an appointment with Sally Jobe for genetic counseling — due to the high occurrence of cancer in my family, there’s a slight chance that Clomid will increase my risk of cancer (in addition to the increased risk with PCOS) and I needed to discuss testing with the counselor.

2.) Buy LH ovulation test strips — her exact words were, “might as well spy on what’s happening in there”.

3.) Pick up your prescription for Clomid.

4.) Begin taking in on day 4 of your next period (day 1 being the first day with heavy bleeding) — if I didn’t have a period within the next few weeks I was supposed to call and they’d prescribe Provera to jump start things.

5.) Stay on a slightly more relaxed version of Whole 30.

As soon as February 1 hit, my Whole 30 ended and the start of “must eat all things I was deprived of for the past 30 days” commenced. There was pizza, there was mashed potatoes, there was cake. It was glorious and, also, stomach ache inducing.

I’ve spent the last 1.5 months trying to navigate a “healthier” and yet less restrictive way of eating. The good news is that I haven’t gained back all the weight I lost, but the bad news is that I did gain back a little and have eaten horribly in the interim.

So, that’s where I am. This post was actually started about a month ago (takes me forever to spill these things out) so I have more updates (Sally Jobe, Provera, Clomid and more that I’ll find time to post about in the next couple weeks). But for now, that’s at least an update!

March Favorites.

My March Favorites

Here are five things I’m loving this month!

1.) My sisters-in-law gave me this Tiny Hands Body Butter Bar from Lush two Christmases ago… and it finally surfaced. At first, I thought it was soap, but when it didn’t suds up in the shower I ended up doing a little research to figure out what exactly it was. Now that I know it’s a body butter bar I can’t keep my hands off it. I more or less force anyone that comes over to try it and so far they’re addicted to. I’m straight up in love this product.

2.) This Jasmine Romance green tea came to me via a BirchBox sample a few months ago. After one sip I found myself on Amazon ordering a case — yes, I’m serious. If you love green tea + jasmine, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

3.) Now that I’m working out regularly (thank you Crossfit), these workout Capri’s from Costco have become my go-to pair. They’re tight, but forgiving, slimming but supportive and just the right fit for me. I always feel a little twinge of disappointment when they’re dirty. I have “nicer” workout bottoms, but these out do them every time. (note: I can’t find a link to where you can buy them, currently. Costco is selling the pant version… hopefully they’ll bring the capris back this summer!)

4.) If you haven’t heard of or tried the EOS lipbalm, you might be living under a rock. They’re everywhere and I’ve been on the bandwagon for several years. This sweet mint flavor is my favorite, followed by summer fruit. They’re cute, they smell delicious and they’re über moisturizing. Yum.

5.) Christian and I use Vega protein powders (and sometimes SunWarrior). They’re vegan and pretty darn delicious. This protein smoothie mix, though, takes the cake. It’s chocolate-y, it’s smooth (he he smoothie, get it?), it’s delicious.

Finally Friday.

It's ok to be happy with a calm life.

Whoa there. Friday? Are you sure it’s Friday? I was pretty convinced that yesterday was Friday and that didn’t turn out, at all, the way I had hoped. Not at all. 

You can, then, understand why I’m a little less enthusiastic about “this” Friday. Turns out having two “Fridays” in a row makes it feel just the tiniest bit less special. Also, I was probably spoiled from the 3-day President’s Day weekend and subsequent 4-day work week last week. Back to a full five days feels like some sort of  joke!

Anyways. Enough about that.

This week had all kinds of good packed in. Here’s a glimpse, via list-form:

1.) Denver Restaurant Week — we tried Vesta Dipping Grill & Oceanaire, have you ever been to either?
2.) Nuggets Game — they lost to the Trailblazers… it was a fun game, but seems to be the story of the season.
3.) Crossift — I can’t fully straighten my left arm, but at least I finished (even if it was last).
4.) Bathroom Remodel — because we can’t go long without tearing something else up, we’re onto the bathrooms.

That about sums it up! This weekend, in addition to the hoping for warm weather, we’re watching my Mom’s golden retriever, Joe — he’ll be having a little doggie vacation at our house. On Friday we’re having dinner with family, then on Saturday we’re Crossfitting and painting numerous rooms around the house (re: basement & bathrooms). We, also, made an appointment with a Realtor for Sunday. Part of me thinks it’s time to move on (since I never loved this house to begin with) and another part of me feels like we finally got the house in beautiful shape… then we leave just to start it all over again. Tis life, yes?

What are you up to this weekend? How’s the weather in your part of the country?

Here are my finds from around the interwebs this week:

This is the favorite from the entire week — I’ve even pulled it up on my phone twice to show it to people (since I can’t stop blathering about it)… Did you ever watch the Thornberry’s growing up? Well I did. And, this story of a French little girl who grew up in Africa and befriended wild animals is pretty much the epitome of my childhood dreams come true. Trust me, after reading this you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Side note: She’s standing on a crocodile — are you kidding me?

It’s no secret that I’m tall. Almost 6′ tall, in fact. These 34 things every tall girl can relate to was spot on — especially #:   . If you’re short — they have an even longer list for you too!

It’s, also, no secret that I love my dogs. Or fur-babies, if you will. That’s why this list of 15 signs that you’re an overly obsessed dog lover really hit it out of the park. I can firmly agree with #’s: .

Do you love Costco as much as I do? Pretzel bread (swoon), lemon cakes (drool), cases of bacon (shout for joy). Sometimes, when shopping, I do wonder if I’m actually saving any money buying in bulk (the addition of all the impulse buys — cough, cook book, cough, workout pants — probably don’t help). But, now, I have a great list on what “real food” items are actually cheaper at Costo. This means that I can purchase with confidence.

Life is messy. Sometimes that messy comes with four kids, a husband, rats and a house that’s falling down. Rebecca’s writing is so honest, eloquent and impossible to stop reading.

My Mom is my best friend — I rarely go a day without talking to her at least once (and sometimes it’s even more). So, in the spirit of sharing the Motherly love — here are 30 signs your mother is the best person in your life. I can agree to *almost* all of these. I sure do love that lady.

*Image Source: Melody Ross.

That Time I Tried Crossfit.

Mid-January, in the midst of my Whole 30 and the 2014 Coldmageddon, I decided that Christian and I needed a big SHAKE-UP to our workout routine. There was little appeal when it came to inserting yet another Jillian Michaels DVD into the player after work each night, and forcing myself to turn on the treadmill was all but impossible. Affording a personal trainer was out of the question, joining 24 Hour or Lifetime felt pointless since we have free rec centers (if only I’d use them) in Highlands Ranch. So, what’s a girl to do.

I’ll tell you what she did do. On a whim and the spurring of a Groupon deal, I bought both Christian and I a one-month membership (and Foundations classes) at a Crossfit box by our house. Over the years I’ve had friends, boyfriends of friends and blogs I follow get really into Crossfit, but the cost and intensity always dissuaded me from giving it a try. But, that day, there must have been something in the air because I hit “purchase” without a second thought.

Fast forward a few weeks… We were signed up for “Foundations” which consisted of 2 hours of training on Saturday and 1 hour of training on Sunday. The overarching feelings leading up to that training included: excitement, fear and sheer intimidation. For heaven’s sake, I can’t even do a girl-style push-up, how the hell was I going to do whatever they had in store for me.

You may not believe me when I say I can’t do a girl-style push-up… you may even think, “Come on, you can do at least one — you’re on your knees after all!”. But, alas, I cannot. Not a one. I’d post a video, but I don’t need that proof of shame following me around for all of internet eternity… only to surface years down the road. Nope, I do not need that.

Lone Tree Crossfit

We showed up at 11:00 and there were four other “newbies” ready (or at least pretending to be ready) to take on whatever they threw at us. Turns out, those first two hours can be summed up with one word.


Followed by MORE SQUATS. 

There were plain squats, squats with a PVC pipe, squats with a bar, squats with a bar + weights, different versions of squats with a bar… squats, squats, squats, squats. At least 1.5 hours of squats.

Now, I may fully admit to push-up shame, but I’m no wimp when it comes to squatting. You want my butt touching my ankles, no problem. You want me to crank out 100? Again, no problem. You want me to do them for 1.5 hours with weights… yes, there’s a problem. But, I muscled through each move all the while fighting the urge to sit on the floor and play with my shoe laces.

Lone Tree Cross Fit

After the squatting portion (the majority of class) was complete, we headed over the pull-up bars. [cue laughter]

We were taught proper form, what kipping looked like and how to complete knees to elbows and toes to bar… all things that had my inner “can’t do a push-up girl” just about peeing her pants from laughing at the prospect.

Then, it was go time. Being rather tall, I had to jump up to the highest bar and work on flailing my curvaceous frame around. With each swing, my legs flopped and based on the feedback of our coach I was at least, sort of, doing what I was supposed to be doing. Turns out, praise gives me a big head. I swung a little harder, pushed myself more… and … then… I fell off the push-up bar, twisted my ankle and found myself with some seriously scraped up knees.

Guess I have a little work to do.  Ahem.

That mostly sums up day one. Which leads us to Sunday — the second portion of our Foundations Class.

As Christian I drove to the box on Sunday morning, we discussed what we thought we’d be doing. “Surely it won’t be more squats, right? RIGHT?”

Lone Tree Cross Fit

Turns out we were wrong. (You had to see that coming, yes?) We worked on Olympic lifting, which, again, has some level of squatting for most moves. Sunday can then be summed up by eight words:

Squatting while lifting a bar over our heads. 

By Monday morning, I needed help getting out of bed and made a slew of attractive noises each time I had to get out of my chair at work. The handicap stall was my friend in the bathroom and it would be accurate to say that I walked with a waddle. There were places on my body that I didn’t even know could be sore — but they most surely were. My abs over my uterus hurt. My side-boob region hurt. The back of my armpits hurt. All these little areas in conjunction with my quads, hamstrings, shoulders… (you get the idea). If it’s a muscle, it hurt. Bad.

Christian and I aren’t quitters… so we signed ourselves up for classes over the next couple of weeks, which we completed, barely (burpees are my new arch nemesis). And, so, the verdict: Crossfit is perfect for what I need now. I need the motivation, the changing up of our workout routines and something to push me further than I’ll push myself… even if it means being yelled at to lift more, go faster and stop being a complete pansy.

Have you tried Crossfit? Would you try Crossfit?

Julep Maven Subscription Box.

Over the past year, I’ve become a bit of a subscription box addict. It all started with Birchbox, then Stitchfix and now the Julep Maven box.

Snail mail is my favorite kind and the anticipation of receiving a box full of surprise goodies each month is so hard for me to turn down. I hadn’t heard of Julep until recently when a couple of the fashion blogs I follow started mentioning it. Then, via creepy Google advertising (simultaneously great and stalkerish) their ads kept popping up several times per day and it turns out that I’m a marketers dream… because I took their online quiz and ended up as “Classic with a Twist”. I clicked through to see the other options and ended up ordering the originally suggested box.

Taking a sneak peek into other bloggers monthly boxes is something I love, so I thought I’d share mine.  After ordering, the box came a few days later… with good packaging I might add.

photo 2

This month, there were two nail polishes:



A cuticle serum and nail buffing blocks.

photo 3

photo 4

There was a free code: FREEBOX (feel free to try it and see if it’s still working), so I only had to pay the $3.99 in shipping (what’s the harm in that). I’ve painted my nails two different times with each of the colors and have loved the consistency and color of the polish. The only down-side I’ve come across is that the bottles tip easily since they’re designed to be so slender.

Also, I didn’t love the cuticle serum… but you win some you lose some.

If you’re curious, I’d say it’s absolutely worth the $3.99 to try it out and, honestly, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for February. To sign up for Julep (or to browse around their site, you can click here! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day!

When I think about Valentine’s Day, I think about sitting in my friend Jacqui’s bed during our sophomore year of college. The house she was living in hadn’t seen an insulation or window update in half a century and the only way to stay warm was to chat whilst under the covers. We sat there for hours — talking, eating puppy chow and becoming the very best of friends. It’s one of my favorite memories of our friendship.

Most of the time, Valentine’s Day is about the love your life, but this year I’m celebrating love in general. The love I have for Christian, the love I have for my family, the love I have for my friends, the love I have for chocolate, the love I have for wine… you get where this is going. There’s lots of love and I know that I’m incredibly lucky to have it.

I wish you the very happiest of Valentine’s Days! I hope it’s full of love in whatever capacity you need … and make sure you sneak in a little chocolate too!


Finally Friday.

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

Today is not only Friday (which is, of course, enough reason for celebration)… though I’m pretty sure after Denver’s big Superbowl loss last week the entire city has been in a state of overall depression. I’m not really into football, but even I can admit that was embarrassing.

This week has been a trial in finding my new “normal” with food now that the Whole 30 is over. I still have a post in the works about my thoughts on the program as well as another one on what I hope my food life will look like moving forward. They’re coming… at some point. Other than that we went to a Nuggets game on Wednesday night (they won!) and have enjoyed a pretty low-key week — though, we’ve had freezing cold temperatures (think -11 when you get up) making staying warm a big priority.

This weekend we’ve got a date night booked for tonight. I came up with 12 unique dates, wrote them down and put them all in envelopes, mixed them up and gave them to Christian at the beginning of the year (who says marriage is boring) and this is the first one (since food was so restrictive in January we decided to just do two in February). Saturday Christian and I are taking our first foundations class at our local Cross Fit gym (I’m so nervous!) and then Sunday we’ve got the second session before we can start taking normal classes. We’re also going to squeeze in a trip to visit my Dad and then take the rest of it as it comes.

What are you up to this weekend, anything exciting?

Here are my finds from around the inter webs:

If you’re looking for a fascinating read and wanting to develop a small desire to move to Detroit (I know, I can’t believe I said it either) then this article written by a guy who bought a house in Detroit for $500 will warm your heart and break it all at the same time.

I’ve always felt rather indifferent toward Bill Murray. He’s a good actor, but beyond that I never really gave him much thought. Until I found out that he might just be the most interesting man in the world. Also, think he’d want to be friends?

Food is an issue for me – gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, no carbs, paleo, Whole 30 etc. I believe strongly in the power that food holds over our health and as you probably know, the past couple of years have been a struggle to find what works and what doesn’t. At some point I’d like to be able to say “I gave up on healthy eating“, too.

I’m not much of a snoop. I’ve never had the desire to hunt down my Christmas presents (why ruin the surprise), but even I’ve been guilty of checking out emails that were left open on my computer… but sometimes, don’t you think, these things are better left unseen? What if your snooping ended like some of these scenarios?

All I have to say about this article on the fear of success is, “amen”. I’ve always felt like I had a pretty big fear of failure, but turns out I also have a fear of success. If I don’t bust down those barriers I’ll be stuck in mediocrity forever!

This happens to me all the time. I’ll receive a gift, like beautiful personal note cards, and I won’t want to use them for fear of wasting them… but life is short and those beautiful things are made for using rather than sitting at the bottom of a drawer

You’re a confidant to one of your friends, the life of the party at church, the overachiever to your parents… the many faces we wear and roles we play. However, it turns out (which we already knew) that we truly can’t be everything to everyone

Happy Friday — have a great weekend!